Is there a difference?


A friend of mine told me the other day: „ You know, you are giving the impression you are so happy being single so even though you say you want man in your life they don’t believe you. Because you don’t need them.  You handle everything on your own. So they have nothing to offer you. „

Khm…that got me a bit…but after some reflecting….this is what I came up with.



I am happy the way I am: I love my job helping others with their love life and relationships. I love my  friends who I party with, cry with and share so many parts of my life. I love my dog,  that creature that makes me angry and beautiful to unbelievable levels. And I love my life whether I am single or not.

I don’t feel happy because of the fact that I am single. I do want someone to share my life with, to be my partner, to be my lover, to be my family. But because he is not part of my life yet should that make  miserable? Not happy? Not fulfilled? Lonely?

I just don’t base my happiness on fact whether there is man in my life or not.  There are so many other things and persons that create whole puzzle picture of my life happiness.

Just like you

And yes, I am just like any of you….I long for love, want that special someone, want to create conscious union and be close and intimate with him. And until I meet him I enjoy and lead my life anyhow. I am alone but not lonely. I believe we should take the best of what we have – right now. Instead of longing for something else that is not there at the moment.

Enjoy the ride

But we people tend to want things that are not there and not appreciate ones that we have. When it’s hot we want cold, when it rains we want sun, when we work hard we want long holidays, when single we want someone, when married we wish more time just to be on our own. Crazy, isn’t it?

So, why not enjoy to max what we have and where we are right now? The best we can. And work toward the goals  and dreams we want to achieve. Sometimes work is patience,sometimes is step by step work, sometimes is marathon and sometimes is just – let it go and flow. Whatever is, we tend to forget – to enjoy the whole journey not just reaching the goal.

So, I enjoy my process of metamorphosis, discovering who am I, what I truly want, becoming more happy with myself, accepting all (whole) of me – my body, my soul, my mind, my emotions as they are. And just watching all that manifest in my life. Sometimes I don’t like what I see and sometimes I fall in love with so much beauty around me – and within me.

So, yes I do want my brave, conscious and present man to have loving and intimate relationship with. Since similarities attract I just live as happy and fulfilled as I can be. But when will our worlds collide, how and where I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

Life is beautiful anyhow. And so am I.

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