92 year old meets lion for the first time in life

I just saw this beautiful video of man finally making his wish come true to meet lion. He waited so long but he made his wish come true. There are so many beautiful stories when people get old or very sick or going through tough times and than one or two or even whole of the surroundings come together and do remarkable things. We have refugees flooding through my country and so many people helping, kids needing very expensive medical help and whole country gathering to collect money, people being poor and given roof over they heads by complete strangers. We are so full of empathy and willingness to help the one in need. There are so many warm human stories writing all over the world right now.

Stories and videos like this make me think, make me wonder…do we have to wait to be 92 or get cancer or loose everything in life to experience such beauties and go after our dreams and wishes? Or we really have to be run by truck, have terminal disease or loose roof over head to get what we want? Why we kind of need to experience such deep trauma and pain to get to our senses to reach deep in our hearts and soul to live and offer the best of ourselves?


Waiting. What an awful way to spend your life time. Waiting instead of creating. You think you have time, right? You think just when you graduate, when you find job, when you get your first raise, when you find love of your life, when you buy your first home, when you put kids in school, when you get that promotion, when, when, when…will, let me ask you something? WHEN? When exactly? When will be the right time?

you, now

The right time is now. 

Time to stop. Just stop and remember your dreams. Not just the biggest one. Even the smallest tiny ones matter. Stop reading and think of them. And choose to do one step toward them – right now. NOW. Don’t wait till you get old, don’t wait till life slaps your straight in face, don’t wait at all. Unless you are jeopardising yours or someone else’s life – there is no but NO excuse not to do it now. You can now tell tones of stories of why NOT now but let’s reverse that.

Start telling stories in your head why YES. Say YES to your dreams. Say YES to your life. Say YES to your heart. Say YES to Love. Say YES to gratitude.

Go and live that dreams of yours – now. And by that you will inspire others to the same. And this world would be so much better place. And if you need kick in the ass – feel free to contact me.

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