Open, honest and smart  communication is essential for great relationships. But are you completely honest with your partners, friends, children?

So here what happened recently with my friend. She stated the other day that she can’t stand for herself, especially in front of her husband. And that was so not true. Because 6 months ago, I didn’t do something she asked me for and boy, did she stood in front of me so strong and with so much energy that I was trembling inside. And trust me, I am not easily shaken or being intimated but this time I felt so attacked from person that was by that moment being so gentle and supporting.

And guess what? I never told her how I felt than.

So after her big statement, I shared with her what I have experienced and that not only believe but I know she can stand for herself. She was astonished. She was totally unaware she can do it. Totally surprised. So she shared what was she going through that time. She was hurt by my not accomplished promise but was so afraid to tell me that so when she did – she used lot of aggressiveness to overcome her fear. So, in her eyes she was just stating what she didn’t like in my eyes she was attacking me harshly. And I also wasn’t comfortable to tell her how I felt but waited 6 months.

So, what kind of relationships are we building if we don’t feel free to say how we feel and what we like or dislike? There are ways to talk through emotional challenging situations but only few knows how. Even the one who knows don’t use it. Because is structured conversation and we learned that talking is spontaneous.

My friend and I finally did it, but how many of you don’t tell to your significant other things what you really want or really can’t stand for years?


This whole experience brought us even closer together. We had small fight but we continued our relationship like nothing happened. And that showed me that you CAN have relationship that won’t end at first fight. And I am so appreciative and thankful for her being part of my life and being my friend. We grow together. I am so thankful for that.

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