As I was waiting for a friend I went to very nice lounge bar. And I was enjoying this beautiful, tasty and yammi chocolate eclair.

But before I ordered it the waiter told me it was made of real home made butter and that you can taste it in cake. I said fine with me, I love natural butter. And than he shared that some people didn’t like that taste saying it’s “too much”.

In the world of substitutes and surrogates I think people forgot how real things taste.

Real butter. Not tasteless low fat margarine. Real cheese. Real meet. From animals running around in open. It’s more firm, more to chew but taste is incomparable.

We are so used to substitutes and surrogates that we forgot what real and genuine things are. And how they – feel.

real-loveWhen was the last time you have experienced genuine smile, genuine kindness, real kiss, real gratitude, genuine love? Real people. Sincere and genuine friendships. The ones in which you invest your time, your energy, your thoughts and heart? Real relationships. True Love.

In every day life we tend to “buy” things that are fast and that we are “used to”. wether that is a product or idea or way of living/loving. And we are persuaded and seduced that what is offered is the BEST…and we buy it…for big money…no matter how cheap it is…but, in end costs millions…in health above all…mental, emotional and physical…it’s no wonder that pharmaceutical industry is no.1 in profit (yes yes, ahead of oil, weapons and drugs)…after all it’s legal drugs in the end. You believe that without “them” you can’t exist.

So today trends are – all fast and hyper. That’s why fast food is so attractive especially with added artificial flavours. Fast communication. Fast love. That’s so – modern today.

But as Mr. Bowie said: “Modern men don’t believe in modern love”.

That’s why we have overflow of lonely people depressed, unhappy, sad or just – numb. Disconnected from nature and from their true selves. And best surrogate for that is – sex. Fast one of course. And food. Fast too. It’s all about getting satisfaction and pleasure fast and now. In order to feel loved and appreciated.

But it has absolutely nothing to do with genuine deep emotion of love, appreciation, intimacy and acceptance.

It all comes down to one thing. What choices do you make? An if you don’t like what you have chosen so far – what will you choose now? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have – real life? Real love? Or are you choosing excuses to avoid your life?


Well, I am after another cake with real butter enjoying it with real and genuine man in real place which is so not so easy here in crazy, huge and often hectic city of London. But it’s possible. And I won’t settle for anything less than that. How about you?

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