I’m a personal coach.


I am always dealing with person in front of me no matter what topic that person brings in session. You as whole person are in focus of my coaching.

I am also a mentor and a trainer.

I like people and I like to work with them. I always wanted to help people to have more satisfying and more fulfilling lives and relationships. Now, I want to teach them how to do that by themselves. Whether your issues are related to your professional or private life, I do the best I can to help you become aware where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

I love to sing and dance, be in the nature, company where I smile and grow, thrillers, Depeche Mode, muscat, new people, cultures and landscapes, spring, meditation and movement. Above all I appreciate and cultivate honest and open relationships with friends, clients, family, business partners and associates.

My education includes:


  • Faculty of economics (HR)
  • NLP practitioner – Joy of life (HR)
  • Bowen therapist – Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia
  • Life coach – CoachU (USA)
  • Executive coach – Academy of executive coaching (UK)
  • School of personal and organizational development – as participant (2 years) and as a mentor (2 years),(HR)
  • Psychological Kinesiology, basic and advanced – Bioenergetic psychology (UK)
  • Executive tuning – Facultas (HR)