This on line program brings remarkable experience and leads you through process that helps you percive where and how you limit yourself and how to stop doing it.

Every module will uncover different key elements that lead to aligning you with who you truly are and to live outstanding magical life you came to live.

Have you been overwhelmed with all self-help books and workshops and you still haven’t found what – works?

What would it be like that you can create anything but anything you ever thought and wanted?

And to let go of everything that limits you to achieve that?

Apply and start the change – now!


  1. How I limit myself?
  2. Letting go of baggage from past
  3. 5 key limitations that stops you from living your dreams
  4. Letting go off all limitations (money, relationships, health..)
  5. Life priorities
  6. Creating your delicious life

Every module will be recorded and offered for download.

Closed FB group for all of your questions and shares on daily basis.

Program is interactive, and questions are more than welcome.


Ask yourself – if I come to this program how will my life look like just after the program, 5 months later, 5 years later?

Ask yourself – if I don’t come to this program how will my life look like in next 6 weeks, 5 months later, 5 years later?

Whatever feels light – choose that.

You know what’s best for you. If the answer is yes – come and create different beautiful life of yours.

If the answer is no, or it’s bad timing or there’s something else better for you out there. I wish you happy life.



Jasmina Jazz Bjelica

Jasmina Jazz Bjelica, certified Bars® facilitator, relationship coach and educator, personal development mentor, creator of Jazz up coaching academy…

What and when?

  • program: 6 modules once a week
  • start: TBA (to be announced)

How much?

  • 200£

Payment link

You can pay in 3 instalments:

  • 80£ x 3 (total sum) 240£